Mayor releases statement regarding PWSA lead test results

Mayor Bill Peduto has released a statement regarding the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s recent lead level test results being in compliance with federal regulations.

“I’m very happy to see the city’s water meets the federal action level for lead, and that lead levels have now dropped for the second testing period in a row…Testing does not remove the fact that lead in water is still a grave public health matter, especially for pregnant women and young children, and we need to do all we can to eradicate it.”

Mayor Peduto indicated that the city will continue working with federal, state, and county agencies to continue to monitor and improve Pittsburgh’s water system.

Local authorities have been monitoring the PWSA closely since July of 2016, when 17 homes contained lead levels higher than the 15 parts per billion action level set by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, followed by the discovery of potential Giardia contamination in January of 2017 that led to a boil water advisory that impacted thousands.

Following the boil water advisory, Mayor Peduto announced that he would appoint an advisory team in effort to improve the PWSA.

“The City of Pittsburgh owns the water and sewer system that was leased to the PWSA decades ago. It’s time to reevaluate this structure,” Mayor Peduto said in the announcement. He went on to say, “After systemic problems with inadequate billing, lead in our service lines, and this week’s flush and boil water advisory, the City has the duty to find new ways to improve our water services, and create the safe, effective and sustainable water authority our residents deserve.”

Following the June 2017 tests, the PWSA says they’re “not satisfied” via Twitter.

Click here to view the June 2017 test results.

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