School choir gives airplane passengers musical treat

While 2017 likely holds the record for most people kicked off or beaten up on planes, the passengers on one recent Southwest Airlines flight got quite the treat.

The Saguaro Schools Voices, a student choir from Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, burst into a rendition of the National Anthem during a flight from San Francisco to Phoenix.

In a video posted to Patty Kullander Beckman’s Facebook page, the choir harmonizes as other passengers seem to enjoy the performance.

USA Today reports vocal music director GayLin Tutnick, who is seen conducting the choir in the video, has been leading the group for more than two decades.

It is unclear if Tutnick or any members of The Saguaro Schools Voices briefed the flight crew of the performance beforehand, but no crew members appear to object to the mini-concert.

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